We pursue simplicity and clarity in design that will meet the objectives and aspirations of clients. We design and deliver buildings whose functionality, contextual response, environmental performance, and aesthetic qualities come together in striking, well-focused architecture. We do not force functions into preconceived forms. We design buildings whose architecture is innovative, but absolutely appropriate for particular purposes, places, and lives.

We believe the best and most memorable architecture distills a really strong central design idea that brings together form and function with the greatest possible clarity. It’s a process that brings together practical objectives with the possibilities of form, mass, space, light and shadow to create intelligent, architecturally memorable outcomes.

Our pursuit of architectural directness does not mean that our architecture has a ‘house style’. We strive for decisive designs, but they respond individually to challenges and opportunities relating to specific contexts, client aspirations, planning or heritage factors, and significant community issues. Environmental performance is another hugely important factor, and our approach is to design this in from the outset, rather than add environmental bolt-ons at the end of the process.

This means that the buildings we design may be architecturally recessive or extrovert, calm or colourful, solid or transparent, stark or articulated — it depends on how best new buildings can add to the spirit, energy and diversity of places. Sometimes, the design concept is extremely bold: when it’s appropriate, we don’t shy away from designing a building as a uniquely singular object. But in every case, the core ideas of form, materiality and spatial character will be very clear. And every design detail reinforces the central concept.

About Us

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About Us

Penadium Holdings Ltd. is fresh architecture firm with a diverse portfolio of work in and around Dhaka City, and has developed a specialty in the design, construction and restoration of buildings.

We are creative problem solvers dedicated to a hands-on approach that brings a passion for craftsmanship into all phases of our projects. Besides designing for new buildings, we assist our clients in diagnosing and remedying the myriad of issues that can plague new and historic buildings alike. Through traditional construction methods and new construction technologies, we find solutions to immediate and long-term concerns of building construction, maintenance and preservation. We work closely with our clients to develop & implement design for the construction of new buildings & investigate old building conditions and to develop strategic, economically responsible recommendations for the repair of their buildings, and then implement the design and construction in an open, transparent line of communication.

We approach each project, large or small, with the same level of care. Beginning with a careful investigation of the conditions unique to each project, we integrate our client’s budgetary, programmatic and aesthetic goals to design the optimal solution for each of our projects. Stone, brick and mortar, terra-cotta, wood, cast-iron, steel, sheet metal, waterproofing and roofing systems, windows, and vaults are few of the components we have in-depth knowledge and experience in specifying, detailing, and fabricating.